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Congratulations!!  You have reached Thesweepsfactory, the best website in which to enter sweepstakes.  Yes we have all the sweepstakes that you want from the brands that you know well.  These brand name companies are always offering sweepstakes but you may be asking yourself which are the best sweepstakes.  Now even though winning something is always exciting and joyful, more people enter car sweepstakes and cash sweepstakes than any other category of sweepstakes.

The reason that people enter car sweepstakes more frequently than most other types of sweepstakes is because people need cars, trucks and other types of vehicles for transportation.  People need to get to work and home from work, and they also need transportation for their leisure activities.

Now people enter cash sweepstakes more frequently than most other types of sweepstakes is because the whole world revolves around money.  People need money to buy food and the most basic daily essentials.  Now of course you can buy only the most basic essentials to get by, but what fun is that?  Everyone likes at least some spending money.  Without it you can’t buy the clothes you want, you can’t go out and have fun with your friend’s and there are a lot more things that you will not be able to.  Now I’m not saying that you have to have all the money in the world, but at least some spending money would be nice.

Now it’s true that if you win the cash sweepstakes or the car sweepstakes that you have entered, you have to claim the prize on a tax form. but this is true of any kind of sweepstakes no matter whether you enter a travel sweepstakes or a beauty sweepstakes.  Furthermore, the fact is that many companies will give you the money to pay the taxes to the IRS.

In sum, more people enter cash sweepstakes and car sweepstakes than any other type of sweepstakes because money and cars are a necessity of life.

However another popular category of sweepstakes that people love to enter are travel and vacation sweepstakes.  I mean yes do not get me wrong, cash and car sweepstake are the best ones to enter because as I said before, cash and cars are a necessity of life.  But people also need a release from the everyday stresses of life.  To release your mind from the stresses of life, most people would take a vacation.  Now even though a vacation is a very nice relaxing activity, do you really want to take one on your dime?  The reason I ask is because if you take the money out of your bank account to take the trip, you will have to spend the next couple of weeks after you get back from your vacation saving money to make up for the money that you took out of your bank account to take your trip.  Instead, why not enter travel and vacation sweepstakes sponsored by huge national and multinational corporations?

The vacations sponsored by these corporations are obviously nicer, more lavish and some of them bring you to parts of the world that you could only dream of going.  Have you ever thought of going to Paris, France?  Maybe you have, but then again maybe you have not.  Chances are that if you have thought of going there, it would only be for a couple of days.  The airfare, the hotel stay and all the food expense would add up.  However, a little while ago, there was a sweepstakes in which you could win a trip to France for ten days.  Not only did this corporation pay for the airfare and the hotel stay, but they paid for at least one meal per day and gave the winner a $1,000 gift card for incidentals that the winner had occurred during the trip.

I’m sorry to say that the particular sweepstakes that I am talking about has ended, but there are always travel and vacation sweepstakes that corporations are holding.

So if you would like to get away from the stresses of everyday life for a little while, then why not enter many of the travel and vacation sweepstakes?  Imagine sitting on the beach in the Bahamas overlooking the clear ocean water and sipping your favorite tropical drink.  If you can imagine this, then do yourself a favor and enter these sweepstakes.

Now yes, I have just told you that travel and vacation sweepstakes are the most popular sweepstakes to enter after cash and car sweepstakes, but that does not mean that people just abandon all other categories of sweepstakes. There are many other categories of sweepstakes in which people would love to enter. Some of these other categories of sweepstakes that people love to enter are electronics sweepstakes, jewelry sweepstakes and gift card sweepstakes among others.

The reason why I mentioned electronics sweepstakes is because people love to win new, cool technology that is coming out in the near future or has recently come out. Here’s an example: let’s say that you need an iPhone, and we all know that the iPhone is an extremely cool piece of technology. However, we all also know that the iPhone is a really expensive phone (I mean to buy a new iPhone is a couple hundred dollars at least, and the service is at least one hundred dollars per month). So why would you buy a new one when you have the opportunity to win one through a sweepstakes. Now of course, the chances of winning one of these sweepstakes is slim to none as in every sweepstakes. But if you do happen to win one of these electronics sweepstakes, you will be able to win a cool piece of technology without shelling out your hard earned money for it.

The same thing goes for jewelry and gift card sweepstakes. They are extremely hard to win, but if you win, you get a very nice reward. There have been many jewelry sweepstakes to win bracelets and necklaces, but one kind of jewelry sweepstakes is better than the rest of them. The sweepstakes that I am talking about are ones in which you (husbands) can win fancy diamond engagement rings for your wife. These engagement rings cost thousands of dollars, so why in the world would you want to buy one if you could win one from Kay Jewelers?

There are many, many other categories of sweepstakes, but like I said before these are just some of them. There are many more, but it would take me hours to tell you about them. So all in all, if you are feeling lucky and you have some free time on your hands, then enter all or many of these sweepstakes.

Now let’s say that you have indeed entered all of the cash sweepstakes, car sweepstakes and all of the other sweepstakes that you want to.  So what do you do now?  You can’t sit back and relax and think you’re all done just because you have entered the sweepstakes.  If you truly want to win those/that particular sweepstakes you have entered, you have to maximize your chances of winning.  But how do you do this?  The answer is simple.  Enter the sweepstakes as many times as it allows.  For example if the duration of a sweepstakes is 3 months, then you could have ninety entries at the end of the period assuming that you could enter the sweepstakes once daily.  Now even though there are millions of people entering that/those particular sweepstakes, wouldn’t you have a better chance of winning the sweepstakes with ninety entries rather than one?

However some sweepstakes allow you to enter only once.  With these sweepstakes, what you should do is tell all your family members to enter to them.  This way you can have multiple entries without being disqualified.  Maybe you can even get your friends in on your plan and have them enter the sweepstakes.  And if he/she wins, you could split the prize evenly.  It will be like the both of you won.

Furthermore, if you really want to win a sweepstakes prize, but do not really car what the prize is, then you should enter tons of sweepstakes.  Some people enter about two hundred to four hundred sweepstakes a day in hopes of winning a prize.  Can you believe that?  However the people that enter huge amount of sweepstakes are usually stay at home mothers, people on fixed incomes, people who have recently lost their jobs or people who simply have the time to enter the sweepstakes.

One more tip that I have for you is to try and find local sweepstakes and giveaways.  Your chances of winning these sweepstakes and giveaways are much greater because people in a certain given area can enter it.  An example of a local giveaway would be a car dealership giving away a gas card.

Blog giveaways are just as good as local giveaways because the entry pool is much smaller.  To enter these blog giveaways, go to different blogs and look for a page entitled the Giveaway Linky List.  Now don’t let this blog jargon intimidate you because a linky list is just a list of giveaways around the blog-o-sphere. I highly recommend entering these because a great deal of these blog giveaways will have anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand entries at most.

So in sum if you really want to win a prize, try and enter local giveaways and sweepstakes, blog giveaways and sweepstakes and enter as many national sweepstakes as you can.

This page give you an explanation of all the best sweepstakes on the Internet that you could enter, but if you would like to win some various tips about entering sweepstakes, then click here.

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