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dream-big-sweepstakes-to-win-$100000Are you ready guys?  This is one crazy sweepstakes.  Well then if you are ready, here we go. Oprah Magazine is sponsoring a sweepstakes named the dream big sweepstakes in which YOU could win a cash prize of $100,000!!

This sweepstakes ends on January 31st, 2014 and each person can enter the sweepstakes once daily. Each entrant must be a resident of the fifty states, DC and Puerto Rico who are thirteen and older.

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Yea that’s right you did hear correctly.  The cash prize is $100,000.  The average thirty year old makes $30,000 per year, so you would be getting 3 and 1/3 times the amount an average thirty year old gets per year.  Can you even imagine $100,000 cash?  I wonder what that would look like.  It’s like one of those scenes in a movie when someone gives you a briefcase, and you can’t wait to open it to find what is inside of it.  When you open it and see the cash, you are so happy that you can’t even breathe.  But in this case, you know that the briefcase full of money is going to be won.  You just do not know who is going to win it.

Let’s imagine you did in fact win the $100,000.   What would you do?  Now if you said right away that you would save some of it, I know that you’re lying.  When someone imagines that they win $100,000, the last thing they would say is that they want to save it.  Even I don’t think of saving any of the cash and I am the king of saving.  I do have to say though that me not saving any of the money is a little exaggeration.  After I calmed down from seeing the money, I would think rationally and realize that it would be stupid for me not to save any of the money.  However though before I put some of the money aside to save it, I would use some of it to buy clothes, I would give a little to charity and I would use some of it to go on a couple nice vacations.

Perhaps one of the vacations that I would go on would be to an Island in the Caribbean, or better yet I would go a 2 or 3 week cruise around the Caribbean.  I love the Bahamas and Jamaica, so I would definitely want to go there.  I haven’t been to any other Island in the Caribbean, but I think I would like it because they seem like a tropical paradise.

Would you do the same thing or something totally different from what I would do?  Why don’t u give me a clue into what you would do with the money?

However, please remember that before you spend any of the money, you have to give thirty percent or more to taxes.  Even after taxes though, you are still left with a good sixty to seventy thousand dollars, and this is definitely enough to do whatever you want to do.

If you want to win $100,000 cash to take some nice vacations, buy some nice clothes, eat at some nice restaurants or do whatever else that you want to do with it, then enter the dream big sweepstakes once daily before January 31st, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Oprah Magazine – Dream Big Sweepstakes

  1. I am a forty-two year old single mother of a three and a half year old. Out of work for three years, and trying to help take care of my eighty year old mom. Any amount of this sweepstakes money would change my life. I would be over the moon if I could provide more for them than just me.
    Thank You, Beverley

  2. If I won 100,000 I would pay off all credit cards and our car. Then I would move to
    the beach and perhaps buy a house there with a big down payment, also send a check to
    St. Jude’s.

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